Cake Decoration

Chocolate Walnut Rocambole


130g margarine
5 eggs 1 colher (coffee) of essence of baunilha
2/3 xícara (chá) of sugar
1 xícara (chá) of Primor wheat farinha
1 can of condensed milk
1 colher (soup) of chocolate in po 1/2 box of cream of milk
1/2 xícara (chá) of grated nozes 2 colheres (soup) of wheat farinha (for or recheio)
3 xícaras (chá) of confectionery sugar
100g dark chocolate
3 colheres (soup) of cacau em po
4 1/2 colher (soup) of leite em pó

Preparation mode

Massa In a batedeira, light the eggs, the essence of baunilha and the sugar to beat for 12 minutes or until it doubles in volume and forms a cream.

Remove the batedeira and with the help of a manual mixer add a few years, to the traditional Primor wheat farinha, mixing well.

In a retangular roasting pan measuring 40 x 30 cm, smooth and lined with parchment paper, lightly level the dough to roast, in a pre-baked oven, at a temperature of 200ºC, for 7 minutes. recheio In a light panela all the ingredients to mix and, in a low heat, let it cook, mixing always until the bottom of the panela crumbles. Remove from the heat and reserve. Coverage In microwave, light or chocolate to melt and reserve.

À batedeira light all the ingredients (except or chocolate) to batter. Then add the melted chocolate and beat to form a homogeneous cream. assembly Powdered sugar on top of everything or roast bread.

Unform-or on a sheet of clean paper or a clean cloth, remove the clean paper from the clean cloth and wipe the paper over the entire surface. With the help of paper manteiga or cloth roll up the rocambole pressing-o or enough to make it firm. Roll the rocambole on plain paper and let sign for 1 hour.

Remove the paper and place on a traverse. In a sack of confectionery, combo smooth, place or hold and forming small circles on the entire surface cover or rocambole.

It is preferable to cover the back with a spatula, smooth-a bem e depois, with the tip of a hook, push or horizontal cremen, on the entire surface.

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