Orange cake




4 eggs size L
170 gr of lemon yogurt
160 g of sunflower oil
320 grams of sugar
320 gr of pastry flour
1 sachet of yeast or baking powder
the zest of a lemon


  1. In a bowl we crack the eggs and put the sugar. We beat everything, with the rod mixer, first at low speed until the sugar is integrated, and then at maximum power, until we obtain a whitish and very creamy mixture (see how it turns out in the video). It will take time, about 10 minutes beating, but it is important to do this step well so that later the lemon cake will be tall and very fluffy when baked.
  2. Now add the yogurt and lemon zest and beat again, now at low speed, until well integrated. Also add the oil and beat again.
  3. On the other hand, in a plate we will mix the flour and yeast and we will incorporate them into the bowl through a sieve or strainer. This step is also important so that the cake will foam later, since we will eliminate the lumps and aerate the particles that make up the flour, which will make the cake foam more later. We now mix by hand, with the help of the rods and making soft and enveloping movements so that the mixture does not drop.
  4. Cover a mold with baking paper or butter it and pour the cake batter that we have just prepared into it, making sure that it is evenly distributed. We put in the oven, (previously heated) at a medium temperature, 170-180ΒΊC, until the cake is cooked, in my case about 40 minutes, although each oven has different cooking times. As I’m sure you know, it’s important not to open the oven for at least the first 30 minutes of baking and, to find out if the cake is cooked, just insert a stick or skewer into it and check that it comes out clean.
  5. Remove from the oven, let cool on a wire rack and remove from the mold. Our lemon cake is ready to eat.

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