Why I’m Doing Resolutions Differently This Year

We’ve had our holiday excesses. Too many parties—yes, that’s a thing! Too much rich food. Too many cocktails. Now we’re making promises to ourselves. Raise your hand if you’ve made any of the following pledges:

I’m going to eat healthier and maybe even pursue a dry January (Christina Chaey’s plan to cook, eat, and drink “Healthyish” in 2022 to the rescue). I’m going to cook more meals at home so I can save for that vacation I’ve been craving (enter quick and flavorful weeknight recipes developed by our test kitchen, like Creamy Spinach and Chickpeas and this Sheet-Pan Chicken and Squash Salad). I’m finally going to renovate my kitchen (with the help of designer Elizabeth Roberts’s kitchen layout advice). 

For these New Year’s resolutions and others, Bon Appétit has you covered. Plus, we’ve got a rice story by Jessica B. Harris, whose book, High on the Hog, was the basis for the popular Netflix documentary series. And as we make our way through the gloom of February, test kitchen director Chris Morocco adds a little color to our lives with a bright and seasonal series of winter salads. We love these bright and crunchy dishes because they’re hearty and delicious—not because we’re on a diet. As you’ll note, that wasn’t on the pledge list, and after reading senior staff writer Alex Beggs’s deep dive on what she calls “The Diet Delusion,” you’ll know why. 

So here’s to ditching that diet and eating in ways that make us feel good in 2022.

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