The 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes of 2021

Our readers love chicken recipes, and we don’t blame them. Versatile, flavorful, and widely accessible, chicken does it all: It can be soft and tender, like this roasted adobo from chef Melissa Miranda, or crispy-crunchy like Andy Baraghani’s superstar za’atar-breaded cutlets, and everything in between. And while we’d be satisfied slurping up recipe developer Leela Punyaratabandhu’s Pad See Ew every night, that would mean missing out on these boneless skinless thighs in creamy spiced sauce or a tomatoey roast that screams summer. Whatever your favorite recipe on this list ends up being, we’re confident that it tastes like chicken. Our list starts at No. 10 and goes all the way down to No. 1:

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