Creamy cookie cake

Creamy cookie cake:

the mouth-watering no-bake recipe .


Chocolate cream:

360 g biscuits Eggs
2 Cocoa powder
3 tablespoons Cornstarch
2.5 tablespoons Vanilla sugar 10 g Sugar
50g Milk
500ml Butter
50g White cream:


2 tbsp Sugar
40g Milk 400ml
50 g of butter

Biscuits for the bottom and edges .


  1. Place cookies on bottom and along sides of pan.
  2. Chocolate cream: put all the ingredients (except the butter) in a saucepan. Leave to thicken and finally add the butter and the crumbled biscuits.
  3. Pour the cream into the mold and level.
  4. White cream: put the sugar, starch and milk in a saucepan. Leave to thicken and add the butter.
  5. Pour the white cream over the chocolate layer and refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Cookist wow

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