The 3 Best Products to Snag at the Valentine’s Day Misen Sale

Giving your boo a piece of cookware for Valentine’s Day is not without its risks. Pause and ask yourself—is my beloved the type of person who will see a new chef’s knife as the ultimate romantic gesture? Or will that knife be quickly turned on me?

If the answer to the first question is “yes,” you’re in luck. The Valentine’s Day Misen sale is on today through this Sunday, January 30, leaving plenty of time for your purchases to reach you by the 14th. This weekend, you can score major discounts on everything from this stainless steel saucier (chocolate fondue, anyone?) to this sleek knife set (which includes the only three knives you need). The direct-to-consumer brand offers high-quality cookware and cutlery at reasonable prices on any given day, and this weekend it’s a “buy more, save more” model, so all you poly folx are in luck. Enter the code LOVEMISEN20 to receive $20 off purchases of $100 or more, LOVEMISEN30 to receive $30 off purchases of $150 or more, and LOVEMISEN40 to receive $40 off purchases of $200 or more. Below are three of our favorite Misen products we’d recommend to anyone. Snag one or snag them all at the Misen sale—there’s no better time to do it.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You need a Dutch oven, but it doesn’t have to cost you $300—and Misen’s Dutch oven is one of our favorites. “The high sides contain grease splatters better than competitors, and the generously sized handles mean you don’t have to worry about a heavy pot of stew slipping from your oven mitts,” writes senior commerce editor MacKenzie Chung Fegan. This 7-quart Dutch oven is made with four layers of premium enamel for extra durability and a nearly nonstick surface. When purchasing, you also have the option to pick between a regular lid and one that doubles as a hefty grill pan.

A.K.A. the Bread Knife. Our friends at Epicurious tested a bunch of serrated knives and chose Misen’s as their top pick. Made with premium Japanese steel, this knife will adequately retain its sharp edge and durability for years to come. It’s got exactly 32 pointed tips, all optimized to slice through everything from squishy tomatoes to hardy boules. It’s also crafted with a sloped bolster at the handle to encourage your perfect pinch grip for max comfort and control. Baker Joy Huang tells us, “I’ve used bread knives before that were too flimsy, which made it hard to get through the crusty sourdoughs, but my Misen knife is long and sturdy.”

Your kitchen deserves knives that are as good—or even better—than the ones at Outback Steakhouse. Like the bread knife, Misen’s steak knives are made of premium Japanese steel for maximum function and durability. With sharp, serrated edges, they slice into food without shredding or crushing, leaving just a smooth, clean cut. Plus, their slim, angular design makes them comfy and nice to look at. Choose between a set of four or eight in a variety of colors.

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