The 10 Most Popular Soup and Stew Recipes of 2021

I’ll start with the confession you didn’t ask for: I have said in the past that soup is boring. Spoonful after spoonful. Sip after sip. Slurp after slurp. The monotony of it all! And when you reach the bottom of the bowl, have you really even eaten?

But throughout 2021 (side note: seriously, where did this year go?), I have been proven wrong. The people love soup. And stew. I must admit: the most popular soup recipes, the ones that rose to the top of BA’s ranks, are anything but boring. These babies have it all—noodles, toppings, proteins, flavorful stocks that come together fast—and there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer to dig through a pile of springy ramen, load up on vegetables like squash and mushrooms, or fish for cheese-filled pasta pockets. With an abundance of textures, colors, and ingredients, no bite has to be the same. Our most popular soup recipes are filling. They’re flavorful. They’re great soups, fine!

But I do stand by my belief that puréed soups are boring. I suspect that’s the reason not one made our top 10 list. Salty? Me? Never!

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