Ice cream

Romeo and Juliet ice cream

Romeo and Juliet ice cream


2 very ripe guavas, peeled
1/2 cup (tea) xylitol or brown or coconut or demerara sugar
250 ml of fresh milk cream
cream cheese to taste


Cut the guava in half Remove the pulp and hit the blender with a little water.  Pass in a colander to separate the lump. 

Chop the leftover guava into cubes and mix with the sifted juice in a pot with the xylitol over medium heat, mixing until it begins to thicken (if necessary add water until all the guava has dissolved)

Beat the heavy cream until whipped cream turns (you can add a tablespoon of xylitol to leave it slightly sweetened) / mix in the guava and put pieces of cream cheese in the middle of the cream. 

Take to the freezer until it signs well!

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