Strawberry Jelly  Pudding



2 sachet whipping cream
1/2 tin condensed milk
1 tin strawberry flavoured cream
10 gm gelatin
1/2 cup cold milk
1 packet strawberry jelly


1 packet marie biscuit
1/2 cup butter


Powder the biscuit and add butter then mix well and press it into a pudding tray and refrigerate for 15 mins

Prepare jelly by adding hot water to the jelly powder and mix well until its dissolved and pour in a tray and allow it to set.

soak gelatin in water and double boil it until melted

Beat whipping powder with cold milk until fluffy and soft peaks are formed, then add strawberry cream,condensed milk,melted gelatin and mix well and pour it above the biscuit base.

yummy creamy pudding to be served

When jelly is set cut them into cubes and to the cream layer and give it a good mix until jelly cubes are spread evenly .

Take a tbsp of jelly cubes and slightly crush it and add to the cream mix and give a quick mix to get the pink colour to the pudding (optional)

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