No-Bake Strawberry and Vanilla cheesecake ⁣


70g raw almond (soak 8-12 hours and rinse)⁣
30g hazelnut (soak 8 hours and rinse)⁣
2 Tbsp. raw cacao nib⁣
3 Tbsp. raw cacao powder⁣
2 Tbsp. (20g) melted coconut oil or raw cacao butter⁣
5 pitted soft Medjool dates (90〜100g)⁣
1/8 tsp pink salt ⁣

Vanilla cheesecake filling⁣

120g raw cashews (soak 4-6 hours and rinse)⁣
1/2 cup (120ml) coconut cream⁣
4 Tbsp. (40g) melted raw cacao butter⁣
4-5 Tbsp. maple syrup⁣
1 Tbsp. lemon juice⁣
1 tsp lemon zest ⁣
1/2 tsp vanilla paste⁣
pinch of pink salt⁣

Strawberry filling:

100g raw cashews (soak 4-6 hours and rinse)⁣
100g strawberries ⁣
4 Tbsp. (40g) melted raw cacao butter⁣
4Tbsp. maple syrup ⁣
1-1.5 Tbsp. lemon juice⁣
1/8 tsp pitaya powder (optional)⁣
pinch of pink salt⁣


9-10 small strawberries (cut in half)⁣

You can substitute maple syrup & coconut cream with raw agave & raw almond milk for raw version⁣

Method : ⁣

1. Pulse every ingredient for the base until well processed but still slightly crumbly. Press the mixture into the base of the silicone mold. ⁣

2. Set the halved strawberries on the edge of the mold facing outwards.⁣

3. In a high speed blender place every ingredient for the vanilla cheesecake layer and blend well until smooth. Add more sweetener and lemon juice if you need. Layer the filling above the base. Cool it in the freezer until set. ⁣

4. Repeat the same process for the strawberry layer. Freeze the cake over night ⁣

5. Take out from the mold and garnish with strawberries. ⁣

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