Super delicious and very different cake

Super delicious and very different cake😋


2 cups of wheat flour3 eggs1 cup liquid milk1 teaspoon vanilla2 cups of sugar⅔ cup of oil2 teaspoons of baking powder2 tablespoons cocoa powderCup of extra liquid milk tea

Method of preparation

1. Add the oil to the sugar and beat until creamy.2. Add the eggs and vanilla while continuing to beat.3. Add the baking powder and half the amount of flour and milk and beat the mixture until the mixture is homogeneous.  Then add the rest of the flour and milk and beat the mixture well.4. Grease the cake pan with oil.5. Divide the mixture into two bowls, one you leave white, and the other add cocoa and half a cup of milk and mix well,6. Pour the mixtures into the pan alternately.  (one spoon of white and another spoon of black and so on)7. Bake in a medium oven until the cake is cooked and golden.

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