Milk bread is a soft, fluffy, and milky-flavored bread that is popular in Japan. It is made with a tangzhong, which is a cooked flour and milk mixture that gives the bread its characteristic texture and flavor.


550 gr of all Purpose flour
175ml milk
120 grams of butter
150 grams of sugar
30 gr of icing or powered sugar
4 eggs
15 gr of dry yeast
1 tbsp salt


1. In a pot we heat the milk and dilute the yeast, when you see that it is completely dissolved, turn it off and let it cool until it reaches room temperature.

2. In a bowl, place the flour and salt, stir until combined.  We open a space as if it were a volcano, add three eggs, then little by little add the milk with the yeast (remember that it must be at room temperature).

3. With the help of a spatula, stir with surrounding movements, when you see that the mass is dense, use your hands to finish integrating until obtaining a homogeneous mass

4. Flour your countertop, and place the dough.  Stretch it out and at this point you will add the butter and knead for 10 minutes.  Don’t worry if, at first, the dough becomes sticky, when you finish kneading it, it will be manageable

5. Make your dough a ball, we keep it in a bowl, we cover it with a clean cloth and we will leave it for 2 hours to ferment

6. After this time, our dough will have grown.  We take it and we will place it on our counter, we knead it for 3 minutes to undo the air

7. Later, we will assemble our milk buns.  Divide the dough into equal portions.  I recommend that you make each bun the size of a medium apple.  Of this amount, approximately 10 servings will come out.  You can make them round or oval, but small

8. We place our milk buns on a tray with waxed paper, and we will leave it for 2 hours for its second fermentation process

9. With 10 minutes to go until fermentation is complete, preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.
10. Beat the leftover egg to brush each brioche.  You varnish them all, then sprinkle the glass or powered sugar.  This step will help them form that shiny, golden color

11. Put them in the oven for 15 minutes, until they are completely soft, fluffy and golden.

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