700g raspberries
5 sheets of gelatin
100g of sugar
3 egg whites digestive type biscuits Raspberry marmalade


We start by hydrating three gelatin sheets in cold water. Next, we crush 500 grams of raspberries leaving 200 grams of raspberries aside without crushing.

Strain them and bring them to the fire in a saucepan. When it is hot we add the previously hydrated gelatin.

Beat the egg whites and sugar until stiff. We mix the two preparations with enveloping movements.

We line the inside of round metal rings with the diameter of a biscuit with acetate. We put a whole biscuit as a base, then some fresh raspberries and finally we pour the mousse mixture inside.

We take to the cold 2 hours. We hydrate the 2 remaining gelatin sheets in cold water. Meanwhile, we heat the jam in the microwave and add the 2 sheets of hydrated gelatin. Strain it to remove any seeds it might have.

When our mousse molds are more or less firm, we put a layer of jam and jelly on them. We take back to the cold until they are solid

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