Raspberry White Chocolate Layer Cake

everyone welcome back to the scraps and

doily store in SoHo

it is mesally and me dane woohoo

we are back together because we are

going to show you one of our top picks

cakes it’s ideally suited for summer it is the

raspberry white chocolate cake

it is scraps and doilies exemplary it is

so magnificent

so we have four layers of raspberry

swell wipe which I know a ton of you

have been requesting a raspberry pi

wipe, however, we will give you

our privileged insights

at present and afterward, we’ve got

some truly

smooth smooth white chocolate


we will beautify it so

wonderfully we will do a white

chocolate trickle

just as heaps of meringues and

chocolate truffle enrichments so we have


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so yes I will break on with this

raspberry wipe

today and I’ll have returned to show you the

white chocolate buttercream so hightail it

okay folks so this is super

basic we will utilize the


creaming technique for this and we’re going

to begin with, creaming together

625 grams of both truly delicate

unsalted margarine and caster sugar so I’m

utilizing my stand blender with the oar


furthermore, we will begin by blending this

on a medium to high velocity

for around five minutes yet what you need

to do is simply check out it

also, delay until it gets truly pale in

shading and it’ll be somewhat feathery

so you can understand pale and

cushioned it looks nearly

white frankly and the sugar began

to break down which is great and at this

the stage we are making burdens and heaps of

air so don’t abandon this you just

need to keep it whipping since this is

how we get a pleasant

light breezy wipe so next up we’re going

to add 10

eggs since this is a major cake so I’m

going to break two all at once

I will add them to my blend and afterward

I will beat them all-around well in

between every expansion

since we want to continue to add air


so at this stage in some cases your combination

can look somewhat split a tad

like a fried egg, however, don’t stress as

before long as we begin adding flour it’s going

to all return together

so discussing flour we have 625 grams

of self-raising flour

that I’m going to include two

cruel because there’s a considerable amount and I

try not to need to implode the entirety of this air

so I’ve as of now filtered this and we’re

going to add

half in and I will put my blender

onto the very slowest setting since we

without a doubt need to overlap this though we don’t

need to take out any of that hair

furthermore, while the blender is as yet running on

the lethargic speed I will add four

tablespoons of entire milk into the blender

also, when it’s consolidated we’re going

to stop it and polish it off manually

we need to ensure that

everything from the base and the sides

it’s completely consolidated and this is looking

stunning so sleek so presently the time has come

to wave and place into our tins so I’ve

got four nine

inch cake tins here because we’re going to

make this an eight-inch we will manage

off the

caramelization from the outside so the

The first thing I will do is put a few

tin splash in which you can get this from

what’s more, it is likely the most efficient


that you can purchase since we used to

do every one of our tins with spread and flour

what’s more, it took

an age so whenever you’ve showered those

what we will do is snatch our

raspberry goo now for this cake you’re

going to require a great deal

of raspberry goo and on the off chance that you haven’t seen

step by step instructions to make it I’ll put an appropriate full on

video in the portrayal box underneath

be that as it may, basically you simply need to whack

a few raspberries and a smidgen of


in a pot over high hotness and get

it gurgling and reducing endlessly

and afterward, you need to drop it down to a

stew and whenever you’ve had it on for

around 10 to 15 minutes you need to take

it off

strain it and whenever it’s chilled off

you have this the most unimaginable

normally perfectly pink raspberry

sauce so we want to swell this through

our wipe and I like to do it a little

bit by tad so we don’t end

up with like a dinky dark sort of


so I will place in around a few

tablespoons I’m simply going to squirm it

over the highest point of my spread

I will get my spatula I will do a

few swirly spins

furthermore, that is it and afterward going to stack up

one of my tins since along these lines

you will get these like enormous

pools of tasty

the raspberry sauce which will go all

tacky whenever it’s heated

and afterward, we’ll snatch our offset range

blade and we’ll spread it out

then, at that point, you need to continue to do this

adding a tad of raspberry Gucci


whirling it through and afterward topping off

all of your cake tins


what’s more, I realize it doesn’t appear as though they’re

exceptionally undulated right currently yet that is as it were

since we smooth out the top piece

truly when we trim it later you will

see those beautiful raspberry swells

so presently they are prepared to heat so we’ve

got the broiler preheated to 170 degrees c

what’s more, we’re going to pop these in for

somewhere close to 20 to 25 minutes

contingent upon your broiler so I’d generally

look at them after 20.

you need to place a stick in the center

of every single tin

since they may be a smidgen

lopsided when they come out clean they’re

done assuming they’re somewhat gooey then, at that point,

leave them in for one more moment or thereabouts

so I will do that tidy up and

then, at that point, dane will have returned to show you the

white chocolate buttercream

how about we get to make the white chocolate

icing so I have 320 grams of cooled

liquefied white chocolate here

what’s more, to my blender I will add a few


the delicate spread I have 500 grams here


going straight in and we will get

that whipping on a rapid until it’s

quite pale

what’s more, fleecy and all prepared and sodden

right this is much paler than when we

begun you can see

here it’s overall quite white and prepared

furthermore, that is because it has a ton of air

in it and that is the thing that will make

our icing

quite smooth and satiny so next we’re

going to add some icing sugar

here I have 750 grams I’m simply going

to add it a tad by a smidgen

since it will go like cloud dust if



all of our icing sugar has been added so

you see I added it in two parts

blending it on a lethargic speed, to begin with

and afterward turning it up to a high velocity

in any case, first, before we add the white

chocolate I’m simply going to take a

smidgen out

for the enrichment at the lower part of the

the cake will be a raspberry

band of icing so I’ve recently got

simply a small sum in a bowl and some of

the raspberry goo that sally had before

I’m simply going to place somewhat spoonful in


furthermore, we’ll give it a little blend around

just to make a decent

pinkish raspberry icing

decent so that is completely done and afterward next

I will add all of my

white chocolate to the icing


this has been whipping for several

minutes now for the last stage we’re

going to add some entirety

milk now this will rely upon how warm it

is the place where you are

be that as it may, you simply need to add a tad at

a period you’re searching for a truly

smooth spreadable consistency

not very messy and not very firm

the milk and the white chocolate has

been added and the icing is prepared so

I’ll show you what it resembles

it’s truly smooth and prepared and

it’s holding its shape it’s not falling

off the spatula since we need to be

ready to ice the cake with this we don’t

need to

put it in the layers of the cake and

have it slide and slosh around

this is wonderful you can store your

buttercream at room temperature

for around a few days in a

Tupperware holder

what’s more, I’m simply going to leave mine like

this since we will utilize it right


the cakes are almost done we’ll take

they out pass on them to cool and afterward

we’ll get managing and filling


OK the cakes are out they have cooled

down the time has come to manage

fill and scrap coat this lovely cake


we planned to do this as a four-layer

the cake however we’ve in reality chosen to

do it as an eight-layer cake because

eight is superior to four so I’m going to

show you how we will part

a wipe in half so as a matter of first importance we’re

going to manage off the top like we ordinarily


utilizing the leveler currently, I have mine set

to six

um yet I prefer to see what’s going to

take minimal sum off the top

so we will do that first

I’m simply going to place all the offcuts in

this bowl because recollect

you can make truly incredible cake truffles

balls pop better believe it anything you desire to

call them we’ll put a connection to a truly

fun video that

me dana and Nicki preferred a couple of months

back you can make truly cool fun

things with these now the thing I’m going to

do is bring my leveler down to the most reduced


like so and I will do the specific

the same thing again and you’ll see

whenever we have done this

that now we got two layers not one

good so I’m finally going to

trim off the actual edges of this cake

since we prepared a nine

inch and I need to bring it down to an

eight inches since we like to dispose of

all the caramelization um obviously

you don’t need to do this stage

by any means and that is it there are our


two layers of raspberry wipe which I

am presently going to ignore today thus

I will continue to do this

also, he’s going to I will do the

layer them up

so I have my um little wrenched offset


what’s more, it will get somewhat the

white chocolate icing that we

we just prepared all of a sudden and

I will put the main layer of


slap on to the board you can do this on

a cake board you can do it on a plate

we have a decent marble um

board here so it’s overall quite firm

what’s more, we will substitute the layers of

this so we will substitute with

raspberry go

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