Chocolate cake


Ingredients: Mass:

In a Vasilha Misture
3 eggs,
1 xícara de leite,
1/2 xícara of melted butter or coconut oil,
1 xícara of sugar and Misture Bem.
Add 2 xícaras of farinha de arroz or aveia.
4 colheres of cacau em po soup.

Finally, a colher of fermented soup em pó.

Mix well, spread the shape with butter and cocoa powder (18cm in diameter) Bake in a pre-baked oven at 180 degrees for 35 minutes.

Preparation mode Request:

In a panela add 2 recipes of condensed milk. 1 colher of leite em pó soup, 2 colheres of butter soup and Mexa até desgrudar of the farm in low heat.

When desgrudar add 1 box of creme de leite.

Bolo Assembly:

Cut the ball into three equal parts and insert, recheio, whole morangos without the green part, and mass again. Ganache:

For the ganache:

200 grams of dark chocolate + 100ml of milk cream, melt both in the microwave and mix soon!!! just pass over the bolo.

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