Morangos cheesecake


1 packet of maisena biscoito (200 g)
3 colheres (soup) of gelada butter in cubes
1/2 xícara (chá) of geleia morango flavor
4 colheres (soup) of water Inteiros morangos to decorate believe me
1 envelope of unflavored gelatin
1/3 of xícara (chá) of milk 400 g of cream cheese
1 can of condensed milk
1 colher (soup) of suco de limão
1 xícaras (chá) of fresh gelated cream of milk
1 xícara (chá) of chopped morangos ⠀

Method of preparation:

Bata or non-liquidifying biscuit using the press key to crush. Clear in a bowl, add the butter and knead with two fingers until you get the farofa texture.

Liner or bottom in a removable ring shape of 22 cm in diameter with a farofa, opening with your fingers. Mild in the medium oven, preheated, for 15 minutes or until golden.

Let cool. For the cream, hydrate in gelatin, do not milk and dissolve in a water bath. Bata na batedeira o cream cheese, o leite condensado, a gelatina e o suco ate homogenizar. Still in the batedeira, in another tigela, beat the milk cream until it forms firm peaks and mix the previous cream with the morangos, mixing delicately with a colher.

Clear out the shape and smooth with a spatula. Leve à geladeira for 2 hours or até sign. unformed. In a panela, in a medium heat, heat the gel with water for 2 minutes. Let cool and water the cake. Garnish with morangos and serve.

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