Chocolate cake

Chocolate pudding


1 can of condensed milk
400 ml of milk (use a can of condensed milk to measure) 3 eggs
4 colheres of chocolate soup in po
1 xícara of sugar chá
1/2 xícara of chá de Água

Preparation mode

1. In a panela, melt the sugar to obtain a caramel.

2. Add the water and let it cook until it forms a thick broth.

3. Spoon the broth all over or inside in a proper way for puddings and reserve.

4. Non-liquidifying whisk or condensed milk, or chocolate, or milk and eggs.

5. Slowly or contently clear the liquidizer into the reserved caramel shape.

6. Lightly roast in a water bath in a pre-baked oven at 180ºC for about 40 minutes.

7. Let cool, unformed and mild to geladeira até when serving.

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